A scrolling message display using 3x 16×32 LED matrix modules

This is another unfinished project; I started making a scrolling message display using the LED modules I used for my dual colour Pong Clock around 3 years ago. I managed to get it working to the point where a message can be sent via the serial interface (or a serially connected bluetooth module) and have several display options where you can have big or small text, have it in red, yellow or bold orange. I don’t really have a use for it and the Pong Clock does not get much interest from friends and family as in they don’t want one making so I’m putting the whole lot on eBay over the next few weeks. I’ll keep a couple of modules to play around with or in case someone changes their mind and does want a pong clock making but for now they are done with.

As for the scrolling message display I used modified Adafruit RGB matrix libraries that supports daisy chained modules; I used three for a better and wider display. I don’t know what the maximum number of daisy chained modules you can have but I guess more than three is pushing the Arduino to the limit. The library uses around 1.6kB of SRAM so an Arduino Mega is required even though the code size will fit into the Uno. I’ll release my code for this project for anyone to take and modify themselves as they see fit. Code is being offered without any support, but if you do use the code please credit me. Thanks.

Code for this project Message_Display_16x96

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