A constant current load using mosfet and LM358

In my below post I mentioned that I am building a bench PSU however I am still waiting for the parts to arrive. I decided to make a constant current load in order to test the electronic fuse and the power supply itself. I had built one before but the mosfet kept blowing after a short time and it was difficult to set the current. I had another go and successfully made one that supported a 1 amp load at 12 volts for over an hour without going up in smoke.

I checked online to see if I had got my circuit right and I had but it was just a bad choice of mosfet. I made a video of it as I have plenty of time on my hands due to the lockdown and I’ve been quite busy finishing projects or finding things to make out of old things I had laying around. A lot went onto ebay and what didn’t sell I threw out or destroyed for a bit of fun.

When the power supply is done I’ll post an update on it. There won’t be much to say as it uses pre built power supply modules but I will be adding some of my own modifications and enhancements such as the abforementioned electronic fuse.

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  1. An update on this project, It’s been running for over 4 hours testing a power bank at a 1A load / 5V and works just fine.

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