NTP clock only version of my ESP8266 based display

As there was interest I have released firmware for my YouTube statistics and clock internet connected display featured in my previous post for users who just want an NTP clock and don’t require the YouTube counter functions. This clock automatically gets the time from the NTP server and synchronises it with the software based RTC running on the module every hour. A button toggles daylight saving time on and off.

The source code and pre-compiled .bin file can be downloaded in the links below. Use ESP8266flasher.exe tool to upload the firmware which is available on Github. I can’t post the file here but if you click on the link or google search for the tool it will show up. ESP flash tool settings set as follows:-

Baud rate 115200, flash size = 4Mb, DIO mode, 40Mhz (not to be confused with CPU clock speed) and finally flash to location 0x00000 as shown in the pictures below. Finally set the COM port on the operation tab and click the program / flash button.




Links to firmware

Internet clock (UTC / GMT timezone)

Internet clock (CET timezone)

Please contact me for other timezones.

Setup instructions and manual

Source code

Version 1.2 of the firmware and source code. In this version I added a DST mode on / off indicator on the rightmost decimal point of the display. The download link is for the UTC / GMT timezone. Contact me for other timezones.

Licence: creative commons attribution-non commercial (CC BY-NC)

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