12V SLA Arduino based battery tester – well not quite :(

Regarding my last post I never got round to assembling my AA battery tester modified to test 12 volt lead acid batteries. I did have a ton to test but we ended up doing a basic internal resistance test and most failed so we scrapped the lot. No need for this tester now 🙁 but however I did have the code written. It compiles and will probably work but the thresholds and formulas will need to be fine tuned to get the desired results. I may finish it one day should the need for it arise but for now I’ll release the untested source code for you to use as an example. This can be found on the project page. I am still working on a much more advanced version for testing 24V LiFePO4 batteries which can print results to a EPOS style ticket printer but that isn’t ready yet.

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