First useful Arduino project – NIMH battery tester

During my clearout of old junk I came across an LCD display fitted into a small plastic case with a PC parallel cable attached which was originally used for a PC status display using LCD smartie. This was used on my old, old, PC (Pentium 4) to display system status messages and music track info from winamp.

As my new PC lacked a parallel port (yeah I could have added one but no PCI slots, just PCI-E) this was relegated to the junk cupboard. So what shall I do with this display and case?

Arduino based NIMH battery tester (image)

Arduino based NIMH battery tester

Well I have a pile of rechargeable AA batteries of various ages and I came across this Arduino based battery tester which looked ideal to test said batteries. Now it just needed a few simple modifications; I added an LED that flashes to get attention when the test is complete and changed some of the screen messages. Simple stuff. After all I was just starting out with the Arduino and I felt this was a great starter project.

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Clear-out day – and PSU refurb

A few weeks ago i decided it was time I got rid of some old shite I’ve been keeping for years. I also decided to make this blog and some of my early electronics projects I have featured on this site. Not that they are any use to me nowadays but I want to keep them well, you know just because. The historical and test equipment pages will fill you in on this.

Some stuff was worth improving and refurbishing. Take this bench PSU I made around 25 years ago which was the most useful thing I made as in it had a purpose and was used often. Well actually I made two bench power supplies back then. The original wooden cased model was lacking in voltage and current so I had made another using a basic regulator with a couple of 2N2055 series pass transistors stuffed into a BBC Micro external HDD case. As all parts were salvaged from scrap save a few knobs and switches I didn’t have much flexibility with the design.

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